Another One!

Pascal and I returned to Heather Farms for our morning walk,  as “Spring” continues-  It amazes me to see that the hills are turning green. We’ve had so little rain! The grasses on the hillsides are getting long and, swaying in the slight breeze, they looked like feathery strands of green velvet; so pretty!

I spent yesterday morning and early afternoon embroidering the picture on my new dress; decided that I didn’t like it and spent the rest of the afternoon tearing it out! Once I had it all taken out it was a nice relief  to put the dress out of my mind and go outside and work in the garden.

I thought about the dress again as I walked this morning and decided to go to my second idea, which I will begin as soon as I’ve posted this. I can reveal this much about it to you; (this is what I know for sure, so far-) It is a size 3, (regular, not long,) and it is yellow and white, very Spring!!

I thought it would be nice to spread some of our beautiful spring-like weather around to everyone who is snowbound and tired of winter right now-AnnouncingSpring Cheer up! Look at this photo and know that spring is just around the corner~ Have a wonderful day!

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