Does Your Dog Hoover?

IMG_8406Pascal, my previous bedlington terrier did this, but it wasn’t until I saw Pippin do it that the nickname “Hoover”popped into my head- and stuck on Pippin! Seriously; he does this every time we go on a walk,  which is to say, daily. Usually he’s on a lawn when he decides to “hoover”. His head goes down and he starts sniffing the grass.
In a split second he’s off!  His legs follow his nose in a line, his head bob-bobbing mechanically up and down like a child’s pull toy.

Watching Pippin and laughing this morning as he did this, for a split second in my mind, his body transformed into a vacuum cleaner. That’s it! I thought watching him, his nose lured along an invisible line; the intrigue of a new scent.  Obviously on a mission, with his nose sniff-sniffing and his head down; he was not to be side-tracked by anything.

He looks like a little vacuum cleaner! He’s my little Hoover! Thus the nickname Hoover- and a new word, “hoovering;” defined as,  The action of putting one’s nose to the ground and running it in a straight line while sniffing methodically,  head bobbing enthusiastically with each sniff. Usually attributed to the action of a dog~
So I’m wondering, does your dog “hoover?”IMG_9331 copy

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