Fine Art Photographic Note Cards, The Language of Flowers 61 (Set of 4 and 1 surprise)

Rose close* copy
Pink fl w:bees copy 2Summertime Blues copy 4tree of roses copy 3Etsy 5th card copy 2

Fine Art Photographic Note Cards, The Language of Flowers 61 (Set of 4 and 1 surprise)


This is a set of 5 fine art photographic blank not cards, each card has a different, beautiful flower photograph as pictured in the listing above. The cards measure approximately 5″ X 7″ and have a 4″ X 6″ photo mounted on them. They make beautiful note cards or may also be framed and hung on a wall.

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Rose close* copy Pink fl w:bees copy 2 Summertime Blues copy 4 tree of roses copy 3 Etsy 5th card copy 2
I have fallen into the lure of flowers! I LOVE gardening and flowers and I love to photograph them and study their intricate details , markings and colors.

I’m sure you’ve heard the nurturing advice given by some well-seasoned gardeners that if you talk to your plants they will be happy and thrive- Over the past few years I have posted some of my photos online. Looking at each photo in order to title it for posting, I get a sense of flowers talking. This suggests to me that the idea of talking to your plants works both ways. With this in mind, I titled my first series of notecards. “The Language of Flowers.” My desire is to produce photos that are both beautiful and interesting. I hope you like them!

I have put blank white notecards and envelopes into sets of four cards. Each card measures 5 1/4″ x 7 1/4″ and is of top-quality card stock. Centered on the cover of each card is a beautiful 4×6 glossy photograph of a flower/s that has been developed by Kodak on quality photographic paper.

Each card in a set has a different photo. The sets are numbered and each set has a different assortment of four notecards. To fully appreciate the beauty of each notecard, I am posting the original photo for you to see, however every notecard will arrive with a photo mounted on it . The fifth picture is displayed only as an example of how an actual notecard with a picture mounted on it will look. The notecard used in this fifth picture may be used in one of the actual sets,  but it is also used as the fifth picture in every set,  purely as an example of what a finished notecard looks like.

Each set of cards comes wrapped in a sheet of heavy decorative paper,  fastened at the ends with a ribbon bow( see picture #5) and will be sent in a bubble mailer to insure protection.

*These blank photo notecards offer room for a long note or letter and make excellent gifts. They also look stunning framed and hanging singly or in groupings, on a wall! I hope you have as much joy looking at them as I have had creating them!

~*~ *~*Shipping cost for a set of note cards is United States $3.00 USD $2.50 if combined with another item- Canada $4.50 USD $4.00 if combined with another item, . They ship first class mail. This website only has a place to post the shipping cost of 1 item, so everything gets charged the price of shipping a dress, which is $14.50.  I will refund the difference following checkout,  via Paypal.*~*


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