Pippin, New Beginnings Part #2


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(Cont. from previous post)

After what seemed more like forever than the 30 minutes it actually was, we arrived at the warehouse-like cargo site of Delta airlines. It appeared deserted. There was one man standing out in front looking for us. It seems we were given the wrong arrival time and poor Pippin had been waiting in his little crate for a half hour already. He was the last of the cargo to be picked up. I ran over to the crate that held him to look inside~ My heart absolutely melted seeing  him sitting there, calmly looking back at me, probably thinking, Who is she, and where am I, I want to go home! I wanted so much to hold him and hug him tight and tell him he was going to be fine.

I loaded Pippin in his crate into the back seat of the car then climbed in next to him and opened the door to his crate so he could come out. Curious, he’d take a few steps towards the front of the crate, but then quickly retreat. I put a little of his kibble in my hand and offered it to him. That got him to come forward again but only for a few secs and then he backed up. It took a little while before I was able to coax him out of his crate, but finally he came out.

In an instant I had the softest, sweetest,  little furball in my lap! I held him tight in a hug, he wrapped his front legs around my neck and we rode that way all the way home. The rest of the trip home is a blur.  I was aware only of the softness of his thick coat, the warmth of his hug, and the beat of his heart against my chest; soothing the dark emptiness left by the loss of Pascal-  Pippin too, had losses-

Feeling his little arms wrapped around my neck I knew everything was going to be  fine-  We’d found each other~

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