Every Rabbit Whiskers dress is lovingly handmade by me, Judy. Dress-making is a labour-intensive tradition and Rabbit Whiskers dresses incorporate a unique style of hand-embroidery and hand-smocking techniques.

These dresses represent a history of clothing for little girls that may be handed on to future generations. I spend hours carefully working minute details and beautifully colored threads into intricate scenes, animals, flowers, and other artistic images to delight children and activate their imaginations. My dresses were sold exclusively at a renowned children’s store in Carmel, California for ten years until the store’s closing in December 2006, which is why I’ve moved to the Web.

Each dress has a three inch hem to ensure long wear and is crafted with the quality and detail to clothe the most memorable years of your daughter’s childhood. View samples in the online gallery and catch a glimpse of my workshop.