Swimming Against the Tide

We, (Pascal and I,) started today with an early morning walk downtown, where virtually everything was still locked except  Starbuck’s and Peets. Rain had been forecast and I was anxious to get a walk in before it began. Pascal doesn’t like to get even his feet wet, so it was, either we went early before the rain, or not at all.

Downtown is very nice at that hour. There’s not a lot of foot traffic and it’s relatively quiet, if you discount the sounds of passing cars- and for me that’s pretty easy to do once I start looking into shop windows. It’s never long before I’m lost in thought.

This morning,  still feeling “up” from yesterday’s historic inauguration, I felt energetic and was able to keep up with Pascal’s pace for a change. As I looked into store windows I could feel the beginnings of new dress ideas percolating in my mind. Forty-five minutes later we concluded our walk and happily, I had two new ideas for future dresses to jot into my notebook. I thought about them as I worked on my dress today and am really excited to try them. That mood carried me through the day and I even felt encouraged that the CPSIA problem would soon be resolved~  until tonight when I started reading the etsy forums.

Someone from the etsy staff posted a message about how it is more important than ever to write more letters to Congress urging them to postpone and reconsider this law and then he put in a link, which I will post as well, revealing some sickening news that popped the bubble of hope I have been living in. After reading this I felt very sad at the thought that I may never be permitted to try the new ideas that I had been so excited about all day, and sad that I started realizing that it could really come to pass that I will no longer be able to make the little girls hand-smocked dresses that I have been making for the past 32 years- very sad to realize that everything I’ve worked so hard to create and around which, my life has revolved, could very soon- Feb.10- all be taken away~

I am printing the link to the article for you to read, in the hope that maybe you too will support us and write your Congressmen; swamp them with pleas to reform this terrible law that they never should have approved in the first place. If you want to know what this law is really all about, I posted a link to an excellent article from Forbes magazine in my blog on Jan.17 titled “CPSIA Update”.

Swimming Against the Tide


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