PASCAL; All Season Dog!

Haircut After our walk today, I have decided that Pascal is definitely a “Uniquely, All-Season-Dog!”

What’s that, you might be wondering~

The answer goes something like this-

I have taken Pascal out for a walk , 5 out of the last 7 days. Out of those five outings, Pascal has  walked 1 1/2 times!   Huh?  It seems that no matter what the season, Pascal can always come up with a weather-related issue to not walk!

It has been our routine for the last 10 yrs.,  to take a walk every morning. When I pick up his leash and call him,  he never comes bounding to the front door like every other dog I’ve had. This is what Pascal does-  From the comfort of his position stretched out on the couch, lying with his chin on his paws, he watches me out of the tops of his eyes, (although looking at this photo, I can’t figure out how he ever sees anything at all-).  They follow me over to the corner of the room while I take his leash from it’s basket, then over to the front door where I stand, waiting. “Come on Pascal!”  I urge. He continues to stare at me, so I say a little sternly, (at least I think it is,)  “Now Pascal!” He decides I really mean it, so he lowers his front two legs to the floor and with his back legs still  up on the couch and his butt in the air, he gives me a huge  yawn, accompanied by a long, slow stretch, then  slowly places his hind legs on the floor. “Come on, Pascal- hurry-up!”  At this his tail starts wagging and,  not taking his eyes off me,  he slowly walks towards where I stand waiting with his leash in my hand,  careful not to increase his speed. I wait,~  he’s getting close-  Just as he gets almost to where I can grab him, he veers slightly to the side and attempts to walk right past me!  “Uh uh, buddy,” I say with my hands on his collar. It clicks!~  There—-leashed!!!  His tail continues wagging as we walk to the car. His pace has picked-up considerably. I notice that he actually seems excited to be going . I strap him into his seatbelt, start the car, and we’re off.

There are a few places that we usually go to walk, all of them requiring under ten-minutes to reach. I try to rotate so Pascal doesn’t become bored with any particular one. He watches out the window the whole way there, probably trying to determine our destination. As I pull to the curb to park the car, he begins an excited, loudly- shrill,  barking, which, should anyone be around,  causes heads to whip to our direction. He continues,  his barking mounting to a wonderful frenzy,  while being temporarily oblivious to my pose of quiet. Finally it’s like he suddenly realizes that  the rest of the world isn’t interested that we’ve arrived, and that I’m sitting there, waiting for him to stop barking. He stops instantly and fixes me with a nonchalant stare, as if to say,  “So what are you waiting for, I’m ready-”  In the silence, with his barks echoing in my head, I open my car door and prepare to get out.

He’s wound-up another bark, but keeps it sitting, bubbling in his throat making funny sounds as he looks out the window and pretends that,  of course he’s going to sit quietly and wait for me to come  take him out. But I know differently. The minute I start to climb out,  a little yelp slips out his mouth. I turn and fix him with an angry stare. He immediately looks away as if he hadn’t just made that yelp~ and would never even think of barking at such a time . I get out of the car and slam my door,  his resumed barking following  me through the closed windows. I’ve tried leaving him in the car until he stops barking, but he doesn’t stop, or if he does,  it’s only momentarily. As soon as I grasp the door handle, the barking resumes. I never have the time or the patience to stand there forever playing that game – As I reach to open the car door he stands, tail wagging, excitedly ready to leap out the minute the door is opened, so I have to tell him to sit and stay while I open his door,  unfasten his seat belt and lift him out. (He’s already had one broken leg so there’s no way I’m going to let him jump out of the car-)

In case I haven’t painted a clear enough picture, let me just say, without a doubt, Pascal is now clearly excited about going for this walk. Once out, he pulls me to a few bushes, “the Chosen ” and then he’s off, pulling ahead of me down the sidewalk. This is what happened yesterday. This is what happens almost every time we go for a walk, with only slight, weather-related variations, (i.e.does he need to wear a coat today, or, do we need to get an extra-early start before it gets too hot? etc……)

I’ve decided to save the actual “walk” for my next post.  I hadn’t expected when I started writing, that it would take so many words to relay Pascal’s behavior from the moment I enthusiastically say, “C’mon Pascal, let’s go for a walk,” to actually beginning “the walk itself.”

You may be wondering why  I’m including the following photos ~  I always enjoy seeing beautiful pictures, so in the hopes that you too, enjoy them, I like to include some at the end of my post as a way of saying, “Thank-You” for taking the time to read. I hope you enjoy these~

And if you really, Really, enjoy them, they are all obtainable for you to have, either on a set of notecards, or if there is one that you’d particularly like to have enlarged to hang on your wall,  convo me, and I’ll see if I can do that for you~

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6 thoughts on “PASCAL; All Season Dog!

  1. Our dog tries to hide when he sees us pick up his harness. He doesn’t like to go for walks. He just likes to stand in the front door window and bark at the other dogs walking. He is very lazy but we love him anyway. :)

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