What…….Photos?……In a Dress Shop?

8928PinkSky So——What do you think, do you like it? Would you like to see more pictures like this, and what do you think these photos would look like on blank white notecards??? Hey—–these could even be framed and hung on the wall—–what do you think??? Thoughts like this have been going through my mind for months now. I had to find out-  to quench my curiousity!

In my last post I wrote that sometime in the near future I planned on adding a note card section to both my website and my etsy shop. And so I am!!!  I have been working on note cards until 1:00 A.M. for the past few weeks and I think I’m finally ready to list them in my shops!

In the past, every time I’ve posted flower photos in my blog people always comment on how much they like them. Now you’ll actually have the opportunity to buy them and own them yourself or give them as gifts to somebody special! Many of the photos are pictures of flowers,  but there will also be  photos of****Clearly Pink——– well, it’s a surprise! You’ll just have to come see!. I think they turned out great and I’m very excited for you to come see for yourself.

This has been such a fun project. I’ve  loved making the cards!!  (I always knew I would~)  They should be up in my shops in a day or two, so come by and take a look- I think you’ll like what you see-!8112HyacinthBlues

*****Dance in my Head copy