1/20/09 & A Lamb Named Peace

I’m sure you must have felt it too-  the exhilaration of waking-up this morning  and feeling,  for the first time in way too many years, proud and happy to be  American! I have a strong sense of liberation.To finally be free from the Bush regime; free to be an American without feeling ashamed of it.

I find it such a liberating feeling to no longer want to hide the fact of my nationality. I hadn’t realized how powerful the feeling of shame over my identity had become, until I woke this morning feeling strangely, wonderfully, different; light, like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Thankfully, it truly had!!!

Working on the picture part of my dress today,  my head fills with thoughts about the new era that began this morning. Yesterday I wrote about having to pull out all of the embroidery I had done on the scene of my new dress because I didn’t like it. Today was totally different-  I sat down to work and ideas seemed to pour from my fingertips.  Usually I consider it bad luck to divulge what I am putting on a dress before I’m finished with it, but today I feel like there will be no bad luck, so I’ll tell you~  I have almost finished embroidering a little lamb, which will be the main “character” of this dress. Because she was born today, this historic inaugural day, I’m going to name her Peace in honor of President Obama, our representative for world peace and freedom-

In honor of this special moment in history, I’d like to include a photo that to me, expresses the feelings of liberation and hope that President Obama brings to the world. Look deeply through the window of cattails, into the clouds reflected on the calm of the pond.****Picture Perfect.jpg Look at your reflection and~  what do you see?