About “Winter”


I’ve just finished this dress that I call “Winter”; my third in a series of four long- sleeved dresses that I wanted to add to my store.  My goal is to have at least one long-sleeved dress in each size available. I just finished cutting out my fourth one,  a size 4, so hopefully before much longer, there will be one, OOAK,  long-sleeved dress in each size in my shop!

I thought I’d speak a bit about “Winter, ” and it’s creation,  because its appearance was a surprise even to me. I know that seems strange. It’s not the first time that I’ve been surprised by one of my dresses. The whole process of creating something  has always been a bit of a mystery to me, and making this dress,  is a perfect example ~

Not always, but often, before I begin working on a dress,  I have a pretty good idea of what I want to do with the dress. I usually have a picture in mind. It’s not always a completed picture, but it’s at least a basic idea. What puzzles me,  like what occurred while making this dress, is what happens between the time I begin working on a dress with a particular image in mind, and the time I finish the dress—–and have created something entirely different from the idea envisioned when I began -

Finishing the dress before “Winter,” I began thinking about what I wanted to do with the size 1 that I planned to create next out of a piece of printed white cotton fabric.  I suddenly got an image of a white dress with green, or possibly white, smocking. The dress I envisioned had a very simple, pretty design  of smocked zig zags, interspersed with embroidered red, green, and white candy canes~  Yes!! That was it! I ran & got a piece of paper & a pencil so I could sketch a simple picture of what was in my head. I don’t usually write my ideas down, but this looked so cute the way I pictured it, that I wanted  to be sure it wouldn’t be forgotten.

I began the dress with my original idea, working  white smocking into a zig zag pattern on the white fabric,—– and somehow worked my way into the scene you see pictured in the photo above. It seems to have just “happened.” I don’t remember consciously making a decision to abandon my original idea, nor do I remember ever having visualized the scene that emerged on the dress. It’s as if my fingers just took over; as if they had planned the scene from the very beginning-  and I was there simply because I was attached!

Now that the dress is finished, I look at it and feel very fortunate. Though it was not at all what I had in mind when I began, I’m pleased with the way it turned out-  Fingers did a good job! Once again I’m left baffled by the creative process, but that’s o.k.  Sometimes it’s nice to just be surprised!!

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After the Rain

No rain today~                             DropsofCyclamen copy

As I walked with Pascal this morning, I heard this rhythm in my head, and when I stopped to listen, this is  what it  said,

After the rain, Pascal and I
went walking.  My mind
it went a’ talking,
After the rain

After the rain
everything was fresh again,
The air I breathed, so cool
and clean-
After the rain.

Or so it seemed~

When I returned from our walk this morning, I sat down to begin work on the dress I cut-out yesterday. To my surprise, with everything that washed away in the rain, yesterday’s dress idea was gone too! Yesterday, the fabric that I chose for this dress,  (a soft- white background with small,  light-pink polka dots,) seemed like it would be perfect for me to try embroidering an elephant-  I have never done an elephant,  and am eager to try one.

What happened??  After choosing a pretty, matching shade of pink embroidery floss, I picked up the dress front to start smocking. Delicate little “things”  started hopping through my mind-  and they were not elephants. Not even close! Today this fabric said, soft, delicate, pretty, feminine, dainty, lacy-  nothing even remotely “elephant.”

What happened?   You’ve got me~  All I know for certain is that the elephant’s going to have to wait to make her appearance,  for another dress! I only got a small bit of smocking done today, so I’m curious to see if today’s design decision is actually the final one,  or what tomorrow may bring- ?