Stuffed Lop Bunny Doll, Hand Knit and Embroidered/ A is for Amanda, B is for Balloon


Stuffed Lop Bunny Doll, Hand Knit and Embroidered/ A is for Amanda, B is for Balloon


Amanda is a one of a kind, hand knit and embroidered lop-eared bunny, primarily knit from a fine Icelandic wool yarn. Amanda is uniquely designed and hand created by me, Since pink is her favorite color I’ve hand knit her a pretty pink sundress and hand embroidered a little flower garden on one side of the skirt front. She loves balloons more than anything, and she carries a pink knit balloon wrapped around her wrist, everywhere she goes. She says it’s a magic balloon capable of doing whatever she wants it to! I’m sure you will enjoy Amanda and her wonderful imagination should you have the opportunity to meet her some day!

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IMG_0135Looking out my window, all that I could see was the top of a pink balloon bobbing through the bushes. How strange, I thought. Why would a balloon be floating through the bunny garden~ I watched a few seconds more, then decided to go out and see. I walked in the direction the balloon had been going, but it seemed to have disappeared. Had I been seeing things that weren’t really there, I wondered. I was about to turn around and go back to the house when I caught a glimpse of pink balloon again. It had moved, but it wasn’t far from where I was standing. Keeping my eye on it this time I followed it through the bushes to a clearing by the cabbage patch.IMG_0137

As soon as I reached the clearing I realized that the balloon was firmly attached- to the wrist of an adorable little bunny I’d never seen before. She stood there holding her balloon close to her and looked at me through the tops of her eyes. Not sure what to make of me, she pulled the pink balloon closer to her. I greeted her and told her she and her balloon were welcome to stay in the garden as long as she wanted to. When I asked, she said she hadn’t met any of the other bunnies yet so I said I’d introduce her, but first, I wanted to hear her story and how she came to be in the bunny garden.

As I’d guessed, Amanda was quite young; a toddler, as bunnies go- For her sister’s birthday her mom had surprised the girls by taking the three of them to the circus. Being the youngest of the three, Amanda saw the balloons, (she had never seen a balloon before,) and was totally captivated by them. In fact she wasn’t interested in anything else at the circus but the balloons, so her mom bought her.a balloon.She chose a pretty pink one with a long string tied to it so she could float it through the sky & take it with her wherever she went. She explained that she was so busy watching her balloon, making it do tricks, that she forgot to pay attention to where she was going and it wasn’t long before she was thoroughly lost. She thought her balloon was a magic balloon so she told it to find her mother for her. She had the end tied to her wrist to make sure she wouldn’t be lost from the balloon so she decided to let the balloon float wherever it wanted to and it would bring her home if she just kept following it. Somehow, the balloon led her to the Bunny Garden which she’s certain must be on the way to her home, as a magic balloon definitely wouldn’t go the wrong way- IMG_0145

It was nice to see that she wasn’t a bit frightened as she had so much faith in the magic power of the balloon, but I was a little concerned for her. At least she was safe in the garden here, but I secretly worried about whether she would get home again.

Besides giving me her name, Amanda, she said her favorite color was pink and her very favorite thing in all the world was her magical pink balloon. I asked if she’d like me to knit her a little sundress to wear in the garden and her eyes grew wide with excitement as she said, “Oh yes!! A pink one, please!” So Amanda now wears a hand knit lilac-pink sundress with a little flower garden embroidered on half of the skirt front and a pretty yarn bow tied at the waist on the opposite side of the dress front. Two knit straps extend from the shoulders & cross in back with a flower bud embroidered where they cross, attach to the waist with a button. A piece of white eyelet lace is hand sewn around the bottom of the skirt to make the sundress ultra- feminine and pretty. She wears a hair ribbon tied in a big bow over one of her long lop ears and of course it has pink flowers on it.IMG_0143

Amanda is one of the smaller bunnies, measuring approximately 10″ tall from the ground to the top of her head. Of course the taller bunnies are taller partially because they are measured from the ground to the tips of their ears, but being a lop, Amanda’s ears hang down instead of standing up on her head. Amanda is knit mostly from a fine Icelandic wool that is a beautiful shade of heather-brown. Her tummy, paws, cheeks, and feet are knit from a soft cream-colored yarn that is 100% acrylic. Her inner ears and nose are knit from a light-pink mohair. Her facial features are all hand embroidered with embroidery floss. Like everything in my shop, Amanda is one-of-a-kind, uniquely designed and hand created by me.

Amanda and her dress may be gently hand washed with a mild soap and warm water, IMG_0152then laid out to air-dry. Amanda has been carefully assembled with repetitive stitches that firmly attach her limbs to her body while leaving her very limber and cuddly. Her head is purposely attached so that it can wobble from side to side and forward and back. It may seem “loose” but it’s intended to be that way. It is attached extremely well and under normal conditions, is there to stay. Because she is a knit doll, Amanda isn’t intended to be a child’s rough- play toy. She makes an excellent addition as a collectible and also looks wonderful as part of the decor of a young girl’s room . She makes a wonderful companion for any little girl who knows how to play gently and she is extremely huggable! For gifting, ,Amanda makes a very special, one of a kind, heirloom keepsake who, with proper car4e. can be enjoyed for many years to come~
Not recommended to be given to a baby because mohair could be a choking hazard, but if put on a shelf out of baby’s reach, Amanda will make adorable baby-room decor! She is content to sit on a shelf until baby is old enough to play with.IMG_0157

~*~Amanda, created with love- 100% guaranteed to love you back!~*~
** Each of my bunnies is one of a kind, (OOAK) Each bunny is priced according to the degree of complexity in creating both the bunny & the outfit, as well as the number of hours required to make it. It usually takes about 7-9 full days of work to create a bunny from beginning to end. I use no patterns for their clothes, but create each outfit as I go, according to how I perceive each bunnies’ personality.








































































































































































































































































































































































































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