Stuffed Animal Squirrel Doll, Hand Knit and Embroidered/Eli, Little Chatterbox

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Stuffed Animal Squirrel Doll, Hand Knit and Embroidered/Eli, Little Chatterbox


Eli is one of a kind. A stuffed squirrel doll, hand knit & embroidered by me, he’s an adorable, happy little guy~ sure to put a smile on the face of anyone who sees him. I’ve hand knit him a pair of aqua-green overalls with a nice pocket for his treasures and a little white sweater vest to wear over them. He carries with him in a hand knit basket, his prize, hand knit, acorn. Eli makes a wonderful gift as a collectible, heirloom doll~ or simply as a loveable, huggable doll for anyone who will be gentle with him. He also looks wonderful in a child’s room!!

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IMG_0271Eli handknit stuffed squirrel

Hearing lots of commotion in the Bunny Garden yesterday, I went out to see what was going on. The bunnies were circled around the base of the tall pine tree and as I got closer, I heard a lot of excited chatter. As I approached the tree I could see flashes of a squirrel tail darting through the tree branches. Up and down and back and forth he ran, chattering the entire time, so much so that he caused pine cones to fall to the ground. Each time a cone fell the bunnies scattered to avoid being hit.IMG_0296
“What’s going on? ” I asked the bunny standing closest to me. She looked up to the top of the tree, pointed and said, “It’s that squirrel. He woke us up late last night with all of his chatter and he’s been running up and down the tree chattering all morning! He told us his name is Eli and that he just moved here from the forest. He’s running around the tree now checking it out to find the best branches to make his home. The owls already kicked him out of their branches saying he talks too much! Eli has a treasure that he takes with him everywhere in a basket and he said he wants to find the safest branches to hide his treasure in while he’s asleep. We begged him to tell us what the treasure is and he said it’s an ACORN! And it’s not just an acorn, he won a special squirrel prize for finding the largest acorn in their annual acorn treasure hunt!” I was able to slow Eli down just long enough to welcome him and ask him if I could see his treasured acorn. Quick, chattery, and adorable, Eli was very sweet – and proud to show us all the acorn! Wow!! It truly is a prize~ as is chattery little Eli!  IMG_0331I have hand knit Eli from a 100% acrylic yarn. His tail is hand knit from a 100% polyester “Eyelash” yarn. Eli wears an adorable pair of handknit green overalls with a multi-colored knit pocket on the front of one pant leg. He wears an original, hand knit sweater, (sleeveless for summer,) designed, knit and embroidered with a pine tree on the front, from a soft, fluffy 100% acrylic yarn. The basket he carries for his acorn is knit from a wool-blend yarn and the acorn is knit from both 100% acrylic yarn and from an alpaca-blend yarn.Eli stands at approximately 9 3/4″, measured from the ground to the tips of his ears . His facial features have been hand embroidered with cotton embroidery floss and he is amply stuffed with polyfil stuffing. Eli is capable of both standing and sitting by himself. His long tail is very flexible and while it naturally falls behind him, it may be positioned however you’d like. It will even stand up along his back if there is something behind him to support it.IMG_0285Both Eli and his clothing may be hand washed gently in warm water and a mild soap, then laid out to air-dry. Because of his knit “nature,” Eli isn’t intended to be a young child’s play toy, however he makes adorable nursery room decor if sat on a shelf out of reach~ He would be a great addition to anyone’s collection. He’s entirely handmade and one of a kind.~*~Eli, created with love~ guaranteed 100% to love you back!~*~*Shipping charges vary depending on weights and which boxes I have on hand. I try to estimate as accurately as possible. Because this site only accommodates one shipping price you will automatically be charged the price of shipping a dress.  If the shipping charge is $1.00 or more less than you were charged, I will issue you a refund for the difference promptly via paypal- Thank-you!IMG_0290IMG_0310IMG_0244IMG_0333


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