Stuffed Animal, Squirrel Doll, Hand Knit and Embroidered, Eugenie, Happy Doll, Likes to Giggle


Stuffed Animal, Squirrel Doll, Hand Knit and Embroidered, Eugenie, Happy Doll, Likes to Giggle


Eugenie is an adorable, hand knit & embroidered stuffed squirrel doll, made by me. One of a kind, Eugenie measures approximately 9 3/4″ tall and is able to either stand or sit. She has a wonderful realistic-looking bushy tail that is hand knit with a special yarn called eyelash yarn. She is dressed in handknit peach-colored ooveralls topped by a white, handknit, cardigan vest with a peach-colored flower button and a green stem embroidered on it. Eugenie is a doll that will delight anyone. She makes an excellent heirloom collectible for gifting. Eugenie is one of a kind; a little doll that will make you smile!

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And now we have two! Squirrels, that is. I didn’t think Eli would stay by himself for long- even with all of his new bunny friends, chatterbox that he is, I knew he’d need to have a squirrel friend to talk to. The bunnies are great, but after a short while l hear them asking him to be quiet. “He’s nice but he talks too much!” they tell me. But before I realized that Eli needed a squirrel friend, Eli had put the word out. I noticed the other day that it sounded like I was hearing more squirrel chatter than just from Eli, but I didn’t really pay it much attention. Until this morning. This morning I saw a few of the bunnies hopping around the base of the pine tree, now and then looking up into the branches and calling, “Ha ha, you missed! Betcha can’t catch us!” In response I heard a barrage of high-pitched squirrel chatter followed by a shower of baby pinecones – coming from the top of both sides of the tree! How could that be? Eli couldn’t be on both sides of the tree at the same time~IMG_0520

After the second shower of pinecones, I heard squirrel laughter. TWO voices of squirrel laughter, one I recognized as Eli’s but the other one was slightly higher pitched than Eli’s.
I looked up just in time to see Eli’s new friend, Eugenie; an adorable little girl squirrel- who likes to giggle- and giggle- and GIGGLE!! And that’s exactly what she was doing as she ran to Eli’s side of the tree to see if he needed any help there.

So the Bunny Garden has grown once again! It’s sn even a happier, but noisier, garden now.The bunnies like to complain, but watching them run around the base of the tree to see if the squirrels can catch them with a pinecone, it’s obvious this is a game enjoyed by both the squirrels and the bunnies. Happy and noisy, but at least not hungry! The garden continues to grow bringing new friendships sprouting with all the beauty of a flower garden!

I finally got Eugenie to stand still and stop giggling long enough for me to take some pictures of her, so I’m happy to introduce Eli’s friend, the second squirrel to the bunny garden; Eugenie~ a sweet, squirrelfIMG_0523ul of giggles and fun- and that’s what little squirrels are made of!
Eugenie is handknit by me from a soft, slightly fuzzy, 100% acrylic yarn and stuffed with polyfil stuffing. She wears a light-peach colored pair of handknit overalls which I’ve knit from a soft alpaca-blend yarn. I’ve knit a sleeveless (for summer,) white sweater from acrylic, lightly fuzzy yarn. On one side of the sweater front I’ve sewn a button in the shape of a peach-colored flower and hand-embroidered the flower stem, leaves & a few flower buds. Her overalls button at the shoulders with buttons that match the button I sewed onto her sweater.
When I showed her the flower buttons, she giggled and giggled some more, and when she finally stopped, she blurted a “Thank-you, I love flowers!”

Eugenie’s tail, like Eli’s, is 100% polyester and is entirely handknit by me. The yarn to knit the tail is called eyelash yarn because of the long fibbers attached to it that give it it’s “bushiness.” It makes wonderfully realistic-looking squirrel tails, but I find it very difficult to work with as it’s difficult to see the stitches. If I make the slightest mistake- or drop a stitch, I have to rip the whole thing out and start over from scratch. Knitting one of these tails requires total concentration and goes very slowly. In the end, I’m always pleased with the result and Eugenie is quite proud of her beautiful bushy tail!IMG_0491

Eugenie’s facial features are hand embroidered with cotton embroidery floss and I’ve sculpted her face and head to give it it’s “squirrel” appearance. While her limbs are flexible and somewhat possible, they are very securely attached to her body with one strand of yarn running from one arm/leg, through her body, to the opposite arm/leg back and forth many times connecting the two arms and two legs to each other and to her body.With gentle care, she is made to last for a very long time.

Eugenie stands approximately 9 3/4″ tall and is able to stand or sit. Both Eugenie and her clothing may be hand washed gently in warm water with a mild soap. Eugenie isn’t intended to be a young child’s rough-play toy, however she makes adorable nursery room decor if set on a shelf out of reach~ She would be a great addition to anyone’s collection. She’s entirely handmade by me, and one of a kind.IMG_0494

~*~Eugenie, created with love~ guaranteed 100% to love you back!~*~

*Shipping charges vary depending on weights and which boxes I have on hand. I try to estimate as accurately as possible. If the shipping charge is $1.00 or more less than you were charged, I will issue you a refund for the difference promptly via paypal.]



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