Stuffed Animal, Duck Doll, Hand Knit and Embroidered/Baby Jasmine


Stuffed Animal, Duck Doll, Hand Knit and Embroidered/Baby Jasmine


Baby Jasmine is a loveable, and very pretty, one of a kind, stuffed duck doll wearing a lovely soft, light-pink mohair scarf and hat , all of which have been hand knit and embroidered by me. I’ve crocheted a large rose for the top of her hat and embroidered a matching, smaller rose on her scarf. A real sweetheart, Jasmine is sure to delight both young & young at heart! She makes a wonderful
heirloom for gifting and is a great addition as a collectable. She fits well with most decor and her unique presence will light up the room~

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What a beautiful day! The thyme and the lavender have both started blooming & their scents mixed with the scent of wild rose that’s permeated the garden for weeks now is almost intoxicating. Close your eyes and take a deep breath~ Can you smell it? Now- follow me along the path through the bunny garden to our little pond. I have a surprise to show you!IMG_0357Look who I found in the pond this morning! This is Jasmine, our very first duckling!! She must have tired herself from her early-morning swim because she’s lying on the bank of the pond, sound asleep with her head tucked under one wing so her face isn’t even visible. Shhh!I was out very early, just as the sun was coming up, trying to fix a hole in the fence before a fox found its way to the bunnies, when suddenly I heard water splashing in the pond. It startled me because usually the pond’s quite quiet. Except for a bunny taking an occasional drink from it, nobody ever pays it much attention. The sounds I was hearing were definitely not the quiet sips of a bunny taking a drink. I crossed the path and parted the blackberry bushes so I could get a good view of the pond. I couldn’t believe my eyes! There was the most adorable duckling splashing around; diving under, then surfacing to swim in circles. I sat, quietly watching for awhile. She was so cute! Just a baby and already so graceful~ like a little ballerina. She was enjoying herself so much that I hated to interrupt her- and I really didn’t want to scare her away, but I was so excited that IMG_0393she was here, I wanted to meet her and welcome her to the Bunny Garden.And that’s how I came to meet sweet baby Jasmine! I’m sure as soon as the bunnies hear about her they’ll want to meet her. They’re all in the cabbage patch breakfasting right now, so you can meet her first! Jasmine is entirely hand knit by me from a very soft, slightly furry, 100% acrylic yarn. She stands approximately 8 1/2″ tall, measured from her feet to the top of her head. She wears a hand knit & crocheted and hand embroidered matching mohair scarf and hat knit in her favorite color, soft-pink. Her hat has a crocheted flower in dusty rose with green leaves and her scarf has a small flower embroidered on it to match her hat. Jasmine has a great little shape due to polyfil stuffing. Her face and beak have been hand-sculpted and her eyes are hand embroidered with cotton embroidery floss.Jasmine is wonderfully sweet and an excellent swimmer. I know the other animals in the garden are going to love her when they see her. Won’t they be surprised!!IMG_0389* If necessary, both Jasmine and her clothes may be gently hand washed with a mild soap in warm or cold water, and then need to be set out to air dry. Because of her “knit nature, ” Jasmine isn’t intended to be a young child’s rough-play toy and shouldn’t be given to an infant because mohair could be a choking hazard. She makes excellent room decor if set high on a shelf out of baby’s reach. She is best suited as either a collectible, and would make an excellent heirloom as well as a lovely companion for any little girl who would take care of her and play gently with her. She is happy to brighten any room!

~*~ Jasmine, hand knit with love~ guaranteed 100% to love you back!~*~



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