Hand Knit and Embroidered Stuffed Mouse Doll/ Pipsqueak~ a Mouse With Character


Hand Knit and Embroidered Stuffed Mouse Doll/ Pipsqueak~ a Mouse With Character


Pipsqueak is an adorable hand knit & embroidered stuffed mouse doll. From a seated position she measures 7 1/2″ to the tips of her ears. She wears a soft, mohair-blend hand knit tunic with hand embroidered purple flowers on the front. She carries with her a hand knit picnic basket, blanket, & of course, she wouldn’t be without her apple!

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*Note~ The color of the yarn used for the mouse is Slate and is a deep gray blue. Computer monitors can distort the true colors and the mouse appears way more blue in her pictures than she actually is. She is really dark, like a charcoal gray- only with some blue in it~

Several weeks ago I began hearing “strange noises” in my pantry at all kinds of strange hours in the day and night. Every time I’d go in to investigate, there would be instant silence and I could see nothing- other than the food on the shelves there. YIMG_0429esterday, I’d just about convinced myself that I was imagining them when I distinctly heard three tiny sneezes; “achoo, achoo, ACHOO!” I ran to the pantry determined to see who was there before they could run off. I opened the door, and at first she didn’t hear me because she was so busy dusting herself off- and trying to hold back the next sneeze that threatened to emerge. Standing in the corner by the flour sack, busily dusting flour from her fur and looking annoyed for being covered with it, was a very cute, (in spite of all the flour,) little grayish-blue mouse! She saw me, just as the next sneeze shook her off her feet and she landed roughly on her bum. She was about to get up and run when I asked her to please stay and tell me about herself. I assured her that I wasn’t going to hurt her and would love to have her stay- outside in the garden with the bunnies and other animals. She hesitantly agreed to stay and talk a few minutes, but she seemed very nervous.


I told her I’d take her out to meet the bunnies and if she’d agree to move out of my pantry, she was welcome to all the food she wanted in the garden. I said I’d knit her a little summer tunic she could wear so she wouldn’t be cold outside- Just to show her that I meant what I said, I gave her a little knit basket to collect all the food from the garden she wanted, and started her off by putting a large green apple into her basket. Because she speaks in a high-pitched nervous voice, I’ve named her Pipsqueak. She’s a real character and the bunnies took an instant liking to her.

Pipsqueak is able to sit by herself and measures about 7″ tall from a sitting position to the top of her head- or 7 1/2″ if measured to the tips of her ears. She is entirely hand knit from a soft slightly furry acrylic yarn. Her tail is knit from an Icelandic wool yarn. She wears a handknit white tunic top that ties in a bow over each shoulder and has three purple flowers hand embroidered on one side of the front. Her tunic is knit from a beautiful mohair-blend yarn that is very soft and fuzzy. I’ve handknit her basket from the same kind of soft acrylic yarn that she is knit from and her apple is also knit from an acrylic yarn, though the leaf is an acrylic/wool blend and the stem is alpaca yarn. All are hand washable in warm water with a mild detergent and need to be laid out to air-dry. I’ve also knit a little blanket for Pipsqueak which she can use as a picnic blanket during the day, and snuggle up under it at night to stay warm. She was very excited to have her very own blanket! Her blanket is also hand washable.She is filled with polyfil stuffing and her eyes and nose are hand embroidered with cotton embroidery floss.IMG_0451

Pipsqueak is a wonderful addition to our garden ; everyone loves her, and she’d make a wonderful addition to anyone’s collection, as well as a great companion for a little girl.,

~*~ Pipsqueak, hand knit with love~ guaranteed 100% to love you back!~*~

Because of her delicate “knit nature”, Pipsqueak isn’t intended to be a child’s rough-play toy. She’s intended to be for an older child who is gentle with her dolls .
Not recommended to be given to a baby because mohair could be a choking hazard, but if put on a shelf out of baby’s reach. Pipsqueak will make adorable baby-room decor! She is content to sit on a shelf until baby is old enough to play with.

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