Hand Knit and Embroidered Stuffed Mouse Doll/ Fleur and Pink Dandelion Dreams

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Hand Knit and Embroidered Stuffed Mouse Doll/ Fleur and Pink Dandelion Dreams


Fleur is a soft sculpted, hand knit and embroidered, one of a kind, stuffed animal, mouse doll. She is approximately 8 1/2″ tall and wears an original, designed & hand knit by me, mohair dress with a fluffy pink dandelion sewn and embroidered on the front. She carries with her a little white knit flower basket filled with crocheted pastel-colored flowers.

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What a wonderful , interesting, magical summer this is turning out to be in the Bunny Garden; so many new What a wonderfully interesting, magical summer this is turning out to be in the Bunny Garden; so many great, new arrivals! Just this morning while I was outside clipping flowers I heard the high-pitched giggle that I’d know anywhere as belonging to Pipsqueak, our beloved little mouse . I could tell she was in the rose bushes close to where I was working. That didn’t surprise me, as she usually didn’t go too far away from my house, ( truth is, I think she still likes to visit my pantry on occasion; but don’t tell her that I know!) What did surprise me is that I heard a second, much softer but equally high-pitched giggle coming from the same spot in the bushes.

“Good morning, Pipsqueak! I’d know your giggle anywhere, but I don’t recognize the soft giggle that I heard in there with you! Have you found a new friend? I’d love to see who belongs to that “soft” giggle!” Suddenly the bushes were very quiet. Even though Pipsqueak’s been here for a few weeks, she’s still very, very nervous and startles easily, but I guess that’s just the normal nature of mice. After a few minutes of silence I heard a little rustle of leaves and saw a tiny opening at the bottom of the bushes- with Pipsqueak, standing there looking up at me, her whiskers twitching nervously. Just behind her it seemed like there was a second set of whiskers twitching nervously as well. “There you are! And who’s in there with you? An adorable little puffy-pink-cloud of a mouse scurried into the opening and stood beside Pipsqueak and they both started giggling.IMG_0555

When the giggling finally stopped, they stood there staring at me. I looked at the little pink-cloud of a mouse and she said in a barely audible squeak, “I’m fleur!” I told her that I was very happy she had come. I knew how delighted Pipsqueak was to have a new little mouse friend. Fleur is just a bit taller than Pipsqueak. Seated, when measured to her ear-tips, she is approximately 8 1/2″ tall. She wears an adorable little summer dress, hand knit from a beautiful, soft, mohair-blend yarn and designed especially for her. Hand embroidered across the front of her dress is a large, puffy-pink dandelion flower. When I told her how much I liked her dress and the pink dandelion on it, Fleur burs into a huge smile and told me how this was her “magic” dress. As long as she wears it, all of her dreams come true because she has endless wishes provided by the pink dandelion. What a lucky little mouse she is! She carried a white basket which she’d filled with beautiful summer flowers. When I asked her about her basket of flowers she said that she loves flowers more than anything and she collects them wherever she goes. As long as she has flowers to look at and smell, her world’s a beautiful place she said, and I agreed with her. We talked for a few more minutes and then Pipsqueak wanted to take her new friend off to meet the bunnies who were just hopping to the cabbage patch for breakfast. Before I could clip a single rose, the two of them were off in a cloud of giggles, their heels never even touching the ground as they ran nimbly to the cabbage patch!

Fleur’s dress is a blend of shades of summer-green with accents of soft blue. With her pastel-pink dandelion on her dress front, Fleur should fit well into almost any room decor. She is able to sit by herself and would enjoy being part of anyone’s collection- or having a little girl befriend her. She’d be happy to spend her time sitting on a little girl’s bed making wishes with her pink dandelion flower- or simply enjoying the flowers she carries with her everywhere in her white knit basket! With gentle care Fleur is knit to last for many many years and she would make a great heirloom gift. Both she and her clothes and flowers are hand washable if necessary. She should be gently swished in mildly warm water with a gentle soap, then laid out in the fresh air to dry. Her facial features are hand embroidered with cotton embroidery floss and her “well-rounded” shape is due to her polyfil stuffing. Fleur will be a happy, beautiful addition for anyone with room in their heart for a sweet little pink puff-cloud of a giggly mouse!

~*~ Fleur; hand knit with love~ guaranteed 100% to love you back!~*~



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