Fine Art Cards, Scenic/ As Scene by Rabbit Whiskers #82 (Set of 4 and 1 surprise)

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Fine Art Cards, Scenic/ As Scene by Rabbit Whiskers #82 (Set of 4 and 1 surprise)


This set of five, photographic blank note cards depicts scenes from walks that I take at the pond. Each card has a different photo mounted on it and each is suitable for use as a note card or may be framed and hung on the wall as part of your room decor.

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~Life on the Pond~

In these cards, my third in a series of notecards, I’ve captured scenes from nature that I’ve experienced while taking walks with my dog. Most of the photos are taken at a nearby park, where the scenery amazingly changes from day to day, depending on the season, the time of day, although we usually go in the morning, and the weather. I never tire of going there as there is always something different to see.

The park has three different water sources, a very large pool with a fountain in the middle of it and often in the summer months, many ducks & geese. There is a narrow, meandering canal, always filled with ducks, and a small lake, filled with both ducks and geese. With these beautiful water habitats comes acres of natural countryside that you will see reflected in my cards.

The “package” consists of five blank white notecards and envelopes, measuring 5.25″ x 7.25″, allowing lots of room for note writing. Centered on the cover of each notecard is a beautiful glossy, 4″ x 6″ photo of one of my scenes. Each pack will contain 5 different photos,the first 4 you see pictured & a fifth of my choice;  a free surprise!  I have tried to group them as being in some way related,  so if desired, they can be framed and hung on a wall, rather than used for note writing.

I have chosen to display the actual photo that appears on each card in the set, rather than a photo of the photo/card, so you can see the beauty of the photo that you will receive on your card. A lot of that beauty is lost when viewing a photo of the finished card with the photo on it-(a photo of a photo.) But, so you can see what an actual notecard with the photo mounted on it will look like, I’ve displayed as the fifth picture in each set, a photo of an actual photo-mounted notecard & envelope. All five of the cards in your set will arrive looking just like the example in the fifth picture. That fifth picture will be used as the fifth picture for every set. It is used strictly as an example. Unless it is also listed as one of the four cards in the pictures above, that particular photo will not be a part of your set~water scene copy 2

The notecards will come wrapped in heavy, decorative paper for protection, with a ribbon bow tied at both ends, making it perfect for gift-giving, if desired. The wrapped cards will then be placed in a bubble mailer for added protection, and will be shipped first class in the mail within two working days after receiving the order.

~*~Please note: Because this site has room for only 1 shipping rate, you will be charged the $14.50 rate of shipping a dress. The actual fee to ship a set of note cards is $3.00- or $2.50 for ea. additional set.  I’ll refund the difference to you via paypal  once checkout has been completed.   I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Thank-you!~*~IMG_4515 copy 2IMG_1205 copy**Picture 5 :Etsy copy


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