Bunny Doll, Baby; Needle Felted in Hand Knit Blanket and Basket

Needle Felted Baby Bunny
needle felted baby bunnySleeping bunny in basketIMG_2504Needle felted bunnyneedle felted sleeping bunnyfelted bunny, sleepingsleeping baby bunny; needle felted

Bunny Doll, Baby; Needle Felted in Hand Knit Blanket and Basket


“Sugar” is one of a kind; a sweet needle felted baby bunny sleeping in a hand knit pink mohair blanket tucked into a hand knit basket I knit for her. Measuring just 3 1/2″ long she is internally wired so that her arms and legs are pose-able. Her head is threaded to her body so that it can turn from side to side. She is beautiful and unique and sure to inspire comments of “Aww!” by anyone looking at her. She is collectible and will be a wonderful heirloom gift for anyone who loves bunnies and babies!

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Needle Felted Baby Bunny** This sleeping bunny is inspired by the wonderful felted mice and bunnies of Barby Anderson, whose felted animals I adore!
(“The original pattern was designed by Barby Anderson, copyright 2011.” Barby Anderson Etsy ID: barby303)

The Land of Felt has been a whirlwind of excitement over their latest discovery, a beautiful sleeping baby bunny, lovingly tucked into a hand knit pink mohair blanket, cradled in a hand knit basket. A sign was immediately nailed to the oak tree at the entrance to The Land of Felt that reads, “Shhhhhh!! Bunny sleeping. Please whisper!”

sleeping baby bunny; needle felted

needle felted sleeping bunny

The Land of Felt is filled with beautiful gardens. All of the critters in Felt love their gardens so this baby bunny is going to be very happy here with everyone to take care of her and all of the gardens she’ll be able to run in when she gets a little older. For now she enjoys her days sleeping in the fresh air of the gardens, with her basket rocking gently in the cool breeze. The other critters refer to her as “Sugar” because she looks so soft and cotton-candy sweet.

“Sugar” is a baby, needle felted bunny sculpted entirely of wool, though her ears are from a combination of felt and wool. She measures approximately 3 1/2″ long and is internally wired so that her legs and arms may be gently posed. Her head is threaded to her body so it can be turned from side to side as well. I’ve hand knit a little white mohair vest that she’s wearing and hand knit her blanket and basket as well. Her blanket is a soft-pink mohair-blend yarn. Her hand knit brown basket, which is approximately 4 1/2″ long is tied with pink ribbon on each side of the handle. I’ve needle felted a little rose flower over one of her ears. She truly is a beautiful baby bunny!!

needle felted baby bunny

baby bunny, needle felted

“Sugar” is OOAK (one of a kind,) and definitely unique. She is not intended to be a child’s toy and is much too fragile to be played with. She does however make a wonderful collectible and adds to the decor of any room. If placed out of reach on a shelf in a child’s room, she is a wonderful way to encourage a child’s imagination, inspiring thoughts about what her story might be- Children are great story tellers and would definitely have fun thinking of stories to go with their own unique critter. This baby bunny will also make a wonderful addition to someone’s collection and will add to the decor of any room. She has an aura of calm & peace about her, bringing good vibes wherever she goes~.

Know that it is with much joy that I’ve created this unique felt figure to be admired and loved for the warmth and good “vibes” it will bring to you and your home

Sleeping bunny in basket

Needle felted sleeping bunny

felted bunny, sleeping

needle felted bunny

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needle felted sleeping bunny

needle felted bunny

Needle felted bunny

Needle felted sleeping bunny


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