Pascal and the day after~

1Pascalsmiling-Following the last “Pascal” post, “Attitude-”

On the “other” days, the “non-grooming” days, we usually start the day with a nice, long walk, either to the park or downtown. It’s only a five minute drive to either  place fortunately , because knowing where he’s going, and anticipating his arrival, Pascal gets so excited he can hardly contain himself.

He begins with a high-pitched, but soft, whine. Since he sits in the front passenger seat,  I have to be careful not to look over at him. Looking at him is the equivalent of asking what he’s whining about. Then the whines escalate, exploding into an all-out bark!  Oops~ did I say bark, as in One?  No, no, I meant to say bark-ing!~ Barking that doesn’t stop until we arrive at our destination.

If I catch myself before I’ve turned my head, he usually  whines until I tell him to stop. Then, because there’s no place else for the excitement to go, he starts fidgeting in his seat,  even though he’s strapped in with a seatbelt.  He does a very unique sort of “dance” that resembles a kind of strange, repetitive, shuffle between sitting  and standing.

I’m an introverted person. I fit into the small group of people whose preference  is to be as inconspicuous as possible, at all times, ~~~~   Just in time, (meaning just when my patience is ready to go,) the five-minute trip is up. We’ve arrived; no doubt about it-   As we pull into the parking lot , Pascal doesn’t even attempt to contain himself. He gives it his all, barking. And we are announced- To the entire world!

Until today, due to rain, we’ve gone three days without a walk, which means three days since I last saw his wonderful, ear to ear smile. I’ve really missed it. For me, three days without a walk has meant  three days of solid sewing, resulting in my new, size 2 dress,  Feeding the Ducks,  which is currently listed on my website.

Today’s refreshing walk not only restored Pascal’s smile, it helped clear my mind so I can begin thinking about what I want to work on next. After yesterday’s rain, our path led us to this beautiful patch of sunny daffodils. My camera took the picture while my mind sipped the sunny sweetness~

And now something’s percolating-  I feel something sunny and fresh beginning; something for my next dress-  One more look at Pascal’s smile, and maybe I’ll be able to get started on it tomorrow!

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7 thoughts on “Pascal and the day after~

  1. Haha, I just HAD to come back and have another look at your lamb…er, ahem DOG. lol. Anyway, I chose you for the Kreativ blog award and linked to you on my blog. Have a nice weekend :)

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