Introducing a New Dress Length

After filling a few special orders where customers requested their dress be made longer so that it could be worn as a long dress, instead of the short dress it’s designed to be, I decided to start offering some of the dresses in the two larger sizes, size 3 and 4, in a longer length. In the future you will be seeing a few of the size 3′s and 4′s featured as long dresses.

I just finished the first one and you can see it in the shop right now. It’s titled, “Lavender Blue” and is listed as a size 4L (long.) I have added five inches to the regular dress length so it is approximately 25 1/2 inches from the back of the neck to the bottom of the hem. I added one extra inch to the hem, so that the hem of the 3L and the 4L, now measures 4 inches instead of the standard 3 inches. I also added an inch to the width of the smocked portion of the dress, which won’t change the way the dress looks or fits, but it allows extra pleats and smocking to balance the added length and help maintain the same proportion of width to length as the original design. Other than the fact that the dress hits five inches lower on the leg, you will find no difference in the way the dress fits or looks, it is purely for those who prefer the look of a longer dress to that of a shorter one. I am currently working on a size 3L. You should be able to see that in the shop soon.

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