Hand-Smocked Long Dress size 4L

If having a long dress in a size 4 interests you, I recommend  taking a look at my first one in the shop. The cotton-poly fabric is a beautiful shade of lavender. I’ve hand-smocked the design in lavender embroidery floss with a few of the rows smocked in white.

Any little girl would fall in love with the shy,  white and brown bunny that is hand- embroidered in the center of the smocking. Peering out from behind a  cluster of  long-stemmed flowers embroidered in shades of purple, pink, yellow and white, we wonder what the bunny is watching. Perhaps your little girl would have some thoughts about that- ?

The sleeves are trimmed in lace and extra flowers are embroidered at the hemline, sleeves, and button placket.

Of course a complimentary pair of hand embroidered socks comes with every long dress just as it does with the short ones, so I invite you to come take a look. This could just be  the special dress you have been looking for.

2 thoughts on “Hand-Smocked Long Dress size 4L

  1. Hi Julie,

    Thank-you for your nice message. I’m glad that you like the rabbit. It’s funny that you mention Christmas dresses. I think I must have listed one about the same time as you wrote the message. If you look at the website now you will see it.

    Thanks again,

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