CPSIA Update

Change.org has been conducting polls to see what the top issues are that Americans are concerned about. The issues that come out in the top 10 are going to be presented to President Obama. The CPSIA came out in the top 10!!! That is such encouraging news to me. If you’d like to read about it, here is a link to the article.

After reading about that I went over to Etsy’s forums to see if anyone had reported it yet and they hadn’t, so I posted the good news. While I was there I read another post that gave a link to a wonderful Forbes magazine article about the CPSIA law and the horrible repercussions it will have if it is put into effect the way that it is currently written. It is the most informative, well-written article that I’ve read on the subject and I’d like to include a link to it as well for anyone who’s interested in reading it. It is also a great idea to pass the link on to everyone you know as MOST people aren’t even aware of this impending law-

I am so happy and encouraged that my shop and the shops of others who sell handmade children’s items won’t be forced to close!


I have recently found a wonderful online site that is a world-wide collection of shops exclusively for all things handmade. It’s called Etsy.com. I’ve opened a shop and listed some of my dresses for sale. There are so many wonderful shops to see there I’m continually amazed at the fantastic items people are making. It’s not limited to children’s clothes, it has everything from original paintings and pottery, to stationary and scrapbooking supplies, knit and crocheted items, toys, and many, many more top quality items.

Etsy also has very interesting and informative forums for discussions that I have been reading and participating in. It is through these forums that I first learned about a new law that, if not stopped now, is scheduled to be implemented on Feb.10, 2009. Maybe you’ve heard about it, but for everyone who hasn’t, it’s called the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) and if it’s implemented as it is currently written, it will put an end to every business that sells handmade items for children under the age of 12. I am extremely concerned about this law, and feel most strongly that it be stopped from being enacted in it’s current writing, as it will put me and every other seller/maker of children’s products out of business. That means that not only will I not be permitted to make and sell my hand smocked dresses to you, but you will not have the opportunity to buy anything handmade, including toys, for children under 12 years old.

Many people involved in Etsy have been working very hard to fight this law, but we need a lot of help; YOUR help! The more letters that can be written to congressmen and state’s representatives, the more they will recognize the need to change the way this law is currently written. Some of the sellers at Etsy put together an excellent brochure that explains the CPSIA law, what it covers and who it effects and what you can do to help  prevent it from becoming a reality. This same brochure is being given to the reps and congressmen to help them understand the far-reaching and negative impact this law will have on everyone. This is a a link to the brochure

I hope you will find the time to read this small brochure and do what you can by writing letters to help protect everyone from being  “bulldozed” by this terribly unfair and flawed law. Thank-you!

It’s Here! New; the Size 3Long Dress

To complete my collection, I’ve added Size 3Long. I just put my first size 3Long, Let It Snow, into the shop. Like with the size 4Long, I’ve added 5″ to the length of the regular size 3 for those who would like a longer dress. The size 3Long measures approximately 24″ from the back of the neck to the bottom of the hem. Except for the length, it fits exactly the same as the regular size 3.

The white leaf mini print on cherry-red cotton fabric, makes a beautiful background for the intricate design hand-smocked by me in white and green embroidery floss. Taking center stage in the smocking, a hand-embroidered, lovely winter snow scene plays out. Scotty and Rabbit talk in their snow-covered garden while a snowman listens in the background among a forest of pine trees. A little house sits quietly on a snowy hill.

This would be an ideal dress for Christmas, and extra wonderful because with it’s winter scene, it can be worn the entire season! If you are looking for a size 3 and would like a longer dress, this is the dress for you. Because it is one-of-a-kind, if you are interested, you should check it out now while it’s here- and on sale as well!

Dress SALE!

In keeping with autumn and all of its changes,  and in honor of launching my “new” website,  from 10/25/08- 01/01/09, every dress at Rabbit Whiskers is on SALE! Not only has every dress been reduced by twenty-five dollars, but every purchase made between 10/25/08 and 01/01/09 will qualify for FREE SHIPPING anywhere within the continental United States!

With the holidays ahead, and at such a great savings, now is the perfect time to buy the heirloom dress you’d love to give her; that very special, one-of-a-kind dress that she alone, will have. Or buy a few, one for now  and one in a larger size for her to grow into later.

It is also a good time to take advantage of the reduced prices and buy some dresses to put away for those times that you’d like to give a gift that is extra- special , such as the birth of a new baby, or perhaps an Easter dress, or simply for a child who is so special  that you want to give them a gift that reflects how much they mean to you.

Whatever your reason to buy a designer original dress, It’s a Good Time!

Autumn; the Season of Change

A new season and so many changes! Autumn has always been one of my favorite seasons, with everything in a constant state of flux. In northern California our weather is still warm, (although that could change any day-) with temperatures in the 70′s and 80′s. Pascal, (my dog,) and I have been taking long walks watching the trees change colors from day to day, then returning home to work on a dress or my newly “remodeled” website.

Welcome to Rabbit Whiskers! And welcome back, if you’ve been here before!  If you are a returning customer then perhaps you’ve noticed a few changes.  Using the website over the past year has been a good learning experience allowing me to see what things are working well,  and what things might be improved upon. With that in mind, my son Joshua,  ( creator of my website,)  and I, made a few changes that should be improvements for navigating through the site. We’ve also added a few new options that we felt would be beneficial to you.

Rabbit Whiskers now offers gift wrapping. For a fee of $5.00 per box, I will wrap in season-appropriate gift wrap, your dress(es) and include a ribbon and gift card with a message written by you. With the holiday season just around the corner,  wouldn’t it be great not to have to worry about wrapping your package and bringing it to the post office?

The site is now better organized so it will be easier to find exactly what you are looking for, quickly, and now it is possible to print a copy of the dress that you like and save it for future reference as a gift idea, or send pictures of your favorite dresses so friends and family can see which ones you like,  (or wish for)

Purchases totaling $300.00 or more will qualify for free shipping anywhere within the continental United States; a great feature to keep in mind when doing your holiday shopping!

Just as watching the trees change color in the fall is a change to enjoy, I hope the changes we’ve made at  Rabbit Whiskers will make your shopping a truly enjoyable experience!

Just Hatched! Baby Chicks Dress

Just hatched! Announcing the arrival of two baby chicks, born in a field of cotton striped sky-blue and white; dotted with rows of yellow daisies. Arriving just in time for spring and summer, these chicks will be ready to go within a few days and are looking for a new home. Chicks & Daisy Chains - Detail - Dress #407

Pre-requisites for adoption: one little girl who likes especially, to wear pretty dresses, has a desire and love for baby chicks and will bring them with her on outings, to parties, to the park, and out to play.

These baby chicks love to travel, love fresh air, sunshine and flowers, love smiles and giggles; they are the perfect companions for a little girl’s path of adventure. Dress photos and purchase options.

Grand Opening

Welcome to the grand opening of Rabbit Whiskers, my Internet store! For years, I have sold my dresses at specialty children’s stores and craft fairs in Northern California. Now, I am very excited to be able to share them with all of you. I hope this web site makes it easy for people to view and purchase the hand-embroidered and smocked dresses I design and create, every one an original.

Each dress tells a story, with its charming characters, and poetic moments, all stitched with care. In my blog I will share some of my stories, as well as ideas for new dresses and children’s clothing designs. I also hope to be able to share the stories of the lives these dresses take on as they are enjoyed by little girls around the world, helping to create beautiful moments and memories. If you send me your story, I’d like to post it here too.