They’re Here!!

Tulip copy 2

Does this picture look familiar to you? You may already have seen it because it ‘s one of the photos that I’ve used in a set of four blank notecards that you can find in the new notecard section of my shop. For the longest time I have wanted to make my own notecards and I’ve finally begun! My love of photography was just the  motivation I needed to ignite the spark and set me off-

And set me off it did!! I spent about two weeks  working until 1,2 &3:00 A.M. putting the notecards together; not because I had to,  there was no great rush. I was having so much fun creating them that I lost all track of time and tightly wound myself into a  sort of,  creative cocoon!  I couldn’t,  (didn’t want to-) stop!

I wanted to group the cards so that they related to each other and could  be hung as a grouping on a wall, if one preferred to use them in that way. The concept being similar I would think,  to the one used in creating an Etsy treasury – (I’ve never tried creating a treasury, but I think this is the concept behind it~)

For the present, I’ve arranged my cards into three different series, each consisting of sets of four different notecards. The first series is called The Language of Flowers and consists obviously, of flower pictures or scenes; Whisper! copy like the tulip above, this rose photo is another example of the kinds of pictures you will find in this series, either in sets that are listed now, or sets that will be listed.

When I look at my photographs of flowers, they often look to me as if they are talking, which is the reason for the series being given this title- ( Between you and I, looking at the photo of the rose above, you see the hands cupped around a mouth, as if the rose is whispering some deep dark secret-  don’t you?)

I have only begun listing my sets. There are many, many more made, but not yet listed, so keep checking, because I will add new sets as these sell.

You can find my notecards listed in my website shop or in my etsy shop.  I’m really, really hoping that they will sell so that I’ll be able to continue making them, as I’ve become totally addicted to my camera and to the art of making note cards!  In my next post I ‘ll describe  what the other two series of cards I’ve created contain and show you a few examples of those~   here are a few more previews~        *****Baby Daffs. copy Embrace the Light copy

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