I have recently found a wonderful online site that is a world-wide collection of shops exclusively for all things handmade. It’s called Etsy.com. I’ve opened a shop and listed some of my dresses for sale. There are so many wonderful shops to see there I’m continually amazed at the fantastic items people are making. It’s not limited to children’s clothes, it has everything from original paintings and pottery, to stationary and scrapbooking supplies, knit and crocheted items, toys, and many, many more top quality items.

Etsy also has very interesting and informative forums for discussions that I have been reading and participating in. It is through these forums that I first learned about a new law that, if not stopped now, is scheduled to be implemented on Feb.10, 2009. Maybe you’ve heard about it, but for everyone who hasn’t, it’s called the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) and if it’s implemented as it is currently written, it will put an end to every business that sells handmade items for children under the age of 12. I am extremely concerned about this law, and feel most strongly that it be stopped from being enacted in it’s current writing, as it will put me and every other seller/maker of children’s products out of business. That means that not only will I not be permitted to make and sell my hand smocked dresses to you, but you will not have the opportunity to buy anything handmade, including toys, for children under 12 years old.

Many people involved in Etsy have been working very hard to fight this law, but we need a lot of help; YOUR help! The more letters that can be written to congressmen and state’s representatives, the more they will recognize the need to change the way this law is currently written. Some of the sellers at Etsy put together an excellent brochure that explains the CPSIA law, what it covers and who it effects and what you can do to help  prevent it from becoming a reality. This same brochure is being given to the reps and congressmen to help them understand the far-reaching and negative impact this law will have on everyone. This is a a link to the brochure

I hope you will find the time to read this small brochure and do what you can by writing letters to help protect everyone from being  “bulldozed” by this terribly unfair and flawed law. Thank-you!

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