CPSIA Update

Change.org has been conducting polls to see what the top issues are that Americans are concerned about. The issues that come out in the top 10 are going to be presented to President Obama. The CPSIA came out in the top 10!!! That is such encouraging news to me. If you’d like to read about it, here is a link to the article.

After reading about that I went over to Etsy’s forums to see if anyone had reported it yet and they hadn’t, so I posted the good news. While I was there I read another post that gave a link to a wonderful Forbes magazine article about the CPSIA law and the horrible repercussions it will have if it is put into effect the way that it is currently written. It is the most informative, well-written article that I’ve read on the subject and I’d like to include a link to it as well for anyone who’s interested in reading it. It is also a great idea to pass the link on to everyone you know as MOST people aren’t even aware of this impending law-

I am so happy and encouraged that my shop and the shops of others who sell handmade children’s items won’t be forced to close!

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